With the purpose of offering the technical support required by our clients, SERMINSA offers its Service division, which offers technical consultancy and advice services destined to improve productivity, such as:
With the purpose to attain the maximum satisfaction of our clients during the process of purchase, SERMINSA offers advice for the calculation of locomotive weight and power, ensuring us that the equipment offered satisfies the operational requirement of our clients.
Our after-sales service focuses on the trust of our customers at the moment of close a purchase, our specialized engineers and technicians will make sure to provide the greater support after the delivery of each team, thus committing ourselves to comply with our guarantee and extended warranty as the case may be.
Our after-sale service gives the confidence to our clients that the equipment purchased will have the back-up required for a long-term efficient operation. Our engineers and skilled technicians will ensure the main support needed after the delivery of each equipment, engaging us in fulfilling our offered warranty.
In order to increase the productivity of its customers based on the improvement of efficiency in both maintenance and operation of equipment, SERMINSA offers theoretical-practical training in the field and in our facilities, which will be dictated by engineers and technicians specialized in the operation and maintenance of equipment.
We can offer locomotives in rent, either with or without “all cost” service. All cost services include the labour of skilled technicians and spares in stock covered 100% by SERMINSA at the operation site; which ensures to obtain the maximum mechanical availability, therefore increasing productivity.
With the purpose of increasing the productivity of our clients, related to the improvement of efficiency as well as in maintenance and operation of equipment, SERMINSA offers practical hands-on training either in the field at the mine site and in our installations, which will be dictated by engineers and skilled technicians in the operation and maintenance of equipment.
You will find in SERMINSA an ally regarding repair of equipment and components. Our skilled technicians and experience as manufacturers of equipment guarantees high quality repair services, offering also our warranty to the products repaired.
We manufacture and we distribute a big variety of spare parts for our lines of products.