With the purpose of offering new solutions to the needs of our clients, SERMINSA offers its Metal Works, which has been created to offer the following services:

1. Design and manufacture of structures:

• We specialize in the development and manufacture of metal structures, reservoir tanks, metal ladders, equipment racks and projects according to customer needs.

2. Welding services (GMAW-FCAW-SMAW):

• We have approved welders and welding inspectors, offering the best quality welding and parts recovery services through the MIG, Electric and Autogenous welding processes.

3. Machining of parts (vertical lathes, milling machines,etc)

• We have machinery, equipment and highly qualified professionals to meet your needs of the masters, such as: Machining of parts in conventional lathes, milling machines and drills.

• Manufacture of pinions, gears, and spare parts for machinery in general.

• Manufacture of shafts, bronze crowns and wheels.